Giuseppe Perna

Phd Student

Architectural studies

My PhD research aims to undertake a systematic study of structures involved in the water management of Minoan Palaces and Villas in Crete. Cisterns, wells, gutters, pipes, drainage and wastewater collection systems will be analyzed through materials and structural aspects in order to clarify their construction techniques and functioning throughout the history of Minoan Crete. Furthermore, the relationship between agriculture and water management will be examined through the analysis of structures such as dams, terraces and irrigation channels, in order to underline and explain how water management and hydraulic systems can be related to societal issues and Minoan political economy. Finally, we will try to clarify, from an architectural point of view, the role of water in the Minoan religion, starting from the analysis of the so-called Lustral Basins, whose real function has not yet been fully identified.