Florence Liard

PhD student F.R.S-FNRS

Archaeometric analysis of ceramics

My research consists in a programmed petrographic analysis of Late Bronze Age stratified ceramic assemblages from the region of Malia. It will focuse more precisely on the site of Sissi, whose development succeeds to the collapse of the nearby Maliote palace. At the outset of mineral composition and optical characters of defined fabric groups in thin section, petrography contributes to enhance our understanding of raw material choices (clays, tempers) and preparation techniques, modes of production, supply and consumption of pottery, and of the societal and cultural frameworks which have (partially) guided them. My aim is to investiguate the Sissiote strategies of production, exchange and consumption in the Postpalatial period (MRIIIA2-B), the decisive disruptions they introduce to the previous palatial context (MRIA and B), and the communities and/or specificities of traditions they show at a regional scale -that is to say, among human groups sharing the same geological landscape. To that last purpose, petrographic comparative work will involve ceramics from LMIIIA2-B stratified contexts of the Malia Quartier Nu. The final aim is to stand out characters which are peculiar to the Maliote region, in terms of production, movement and consumption of ceramics, as well as in larger terms of human organisation within the plain. This will shed new light on the history of the site of Sissi, whose archaeological remains have already proved the capital role within the island.