Technology in Crisis

Technological changes in ceramic production during periods of trouble

18-19 February 2016

Salle du Sénat Académique

Louvain-la-Neuve (Belgium)

International workshop organised by the ARC ‘A World in Crisis?’, Aegis (UCL-INCAL-CEMA)

Thursday 18th February 2016

9:00-9:30 Accueil et inscription/Registration – café/coffee

9:30 Accueil et introduction par un représentant des autorités académiques/ Introduction by representative of academic authorities.

9:35 Ilaria CALOI (UCL-Aegis/Université de Venise) &

Charlotte LANGOHR (UCL-Aegis/FNRS)

Technological changes in ceramic production during periods of trouble:

questions and perspectives

9:50 Opening lecture by Valentine ROUX

Changes in ceramic traditions and periods of crisis: between sociological

changes and uncertainty in the selection process

10:30 Questions/comments

10:40 Coffee break

1. Technological changes in periods of trouble and mutation: comparative and ethnoarchaeological approach


History is in the details: The transformation of cultural areas in central Africa

11:40 questions/comments

11:50 Per Ditlef FREDRIKSEN

Experimentation, innovative acceleration and collapse: the case of ceramic

technology in Iron Age western Scandinavia, c. AD 200-550

12:30 Questions/comments

12:40 Lunch break

2. Technological changes in periods of trouble and mutation: Early, Middle and early Late Bronze Age Aegean

14:00 Simona TODARO, Roberta MENTESANA, Peter Day & Vassilis Kilikoglou.

Technological changes in the period of transition from Neolithic to Early

Minoan: a view from Phaistos

14:40 Questions/comments

14:50 Eleni NODAROU & Tom BROGAN

The times they are A-changin’: pottery production and technological change

at Mochlos in the Prepalatial period

15:30 Questions/comments

15:40 Coffee break

16:00 Maria CHOLEVA

A phenomenon of craft behavior in a period of mutation: the introduction

and the adoption of the potter’s wheel during the EB2b and EB3 in the Aegean

16:40 Questions/comments

16:50 Ina BERG

Technological changes in a period of trouble and mutation: Middle and early

Late Bronze Age Cyclades

17:30 Questions/comments

17:40 General discussion on the first day chaired by Reinhard JUNG

Friday 19th February 2016

9:00 Accueil et inscription/Registration – café/coffee

3. Technological changes in periods of trouble and mutation: 13th c. BC Mediterranean

3a. Mainland

9:20 Elina Kardamaki & Konstantina Kaza-Papageorgiou

Change and continuity in the pottery tradition at Kontopigado, Athens during the late 13th and the early 12th century BC

10:00 Questions/comments

10:10 Salvatore VITALE

The Troubled Century: Pottery Technology and Socio-Political Changes at

Mitrou, East Lokris, During the 13th Century B.C.

10:50 Questions/comments

11:00 Coffee break

11:20 Bartek LIS

Handmade pottery in Mainland Greece during the 13th and 12th century BC

as a sign of an economic crisis?

12:00 Questions/comments

3b: East Mediterranean

12h10: Artemis GEORGIOU

Technological changes in periods of transformation: Re-examining the Late Cypriot ceramic industry during the 13th to 12thcentury BC transition

12h50: questions/comments

13h00: lunch break

14h00: David BEN SHLOMO

Pottery imports and local production during the 13th and 12th c. BCE in the southern Levant: Change and Continuity

14h40: questions/comments

3c: West Mediterranean

14h50: Marco BETTELLI, Elisabetta BORGNA & Sara LEVI

Technological and stylistic changes in periods of trouble and mutation in Italy during Late Bronze Age (XIII and XII cent. BC.)

15h30: questions/comments

15h40: coffee break

16h00 – introduction to the final discussion by Ilaria CALOI & Charlotte LANGOHR

16h10 – general discussion and conclusions chaired by Reinhard JUNG