New Perspectives on the

Mycenaean World

Lecture series at the UCL

Thursdays – 10:45-12:45 – ERAS 54

Thursday, October 1: Coming soon

Thursday, October 8: Adamantia Vasilogamvrou, Hagios Vasileios (title to be announced)

Thursday, October 15: Santo Privitera, Architecture and Power at Hagia Triada on Crete: a Late Minoan III Hiera Polis?

Thursday, October 22: Andreas Vlachopoulos, The Cyclades and the Dodecanese during the Mycenaean period

Thursday, November 12: Nikos Papadimitriou, Mycenaean Athens and Attica

Thursday, November 19: Gert Jan Van Wijngaarden, Foreign affairs? Diplomacy, trade and migration in the Mycenaean Mediterranean (1400-1100 BC)

Thursday, November 26: Kim Shelton: Petsas House, Pottery Production, and the Mycenaean People in Late Helladic IIIA 2

Thursday, December 3 : Vassiliki Adrymi-Sismani : Une ville à plan urbain de l’Age du Bronze Récent au port du Golfe Pagasétique en Thessalie de l’Est

Thursday, December 10: Joseph Maran, Tiryns: From the Rise of Its Palace to the Post-Palatial Resurgence

Thursday, December 17: Vasilis Aravantinos, New excavations and studies on Mycenaean Palatial Thebes